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Wigan, uk
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I am quite random.I like Rock and heavy metal music. I draw manga, write stories, write songs and play bass guitar (i'm in a band-click here-), and read, a lot!!! I watch anime (gundam wing and outlaw star are my favs) I like Sci- fi, Fantasy and horror books. The darren shan books are like the best children/teenagers books ever!!!
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My favourite bands are Gun 'n' Roses, Killswitch engage, Aerosmith, Bush, Duff Mckagans Loaded, Metalica, Cage the elephant, Stone Gods, Led Zeppelin,Velvet revolver, Iron maiden, Slipknot, Black sabbath,foo fighters AC/DC ,Billy Idol and Greenday!
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"The most offensive thing in the world is honesty." - John Lydon "You want to antaganize me? Antaganize me mother f****r! Get in the ring mother f****r, I'll kick you're bitchy little ass!"- Guns n' roses. "If you can, do. If you can't, teach."

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everyone taller than me ;)

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Guns n Roses: Knoking on heavens door. AC/DC. Games

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